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Professional Nail Technician

At Tina Nails London our focus is on making your nails look stunning and keeping them healthy too. Tina uses her knowledge and skill to deliver the look you want while preserving your nails by following hygienic practices, using specialist equipment and the best quality products.

Tina offers a range of professional nail services:

  • Manicure: this includes a nail trim, file and buff; the removal of cuticles; nail shaping; exfoliation; a gentle massage using moisturiser; the application of polish or varnish and a final buff or polish. Nails are left beautifully shaped and gleaming.
  • Pedicure: includes trimming, shaping, filing and buffing the nails; removing the cuticles, hard skin and callouses; a moisturising massage and the application of polish or varnish if you want it. Feet are left soft, smooth and looking great.
  • Nail Extensions: this process includes applying a clear or white nail-shaped plastic plate to the nail, cutting and filing the tips in order to create the desired shape and then painting the overlay with an acrylic or gel powder mix which is then cured and hardened. The nail is coloured and buffed. Alternatively, Tina offers sculptured acrylic nails where the tip of the nail is not just coloured. It is built up using acrylic powder and chemicals in order to create the specific design and shape that you want.

If you don’t see what you want on this list, talk to Tina to see how we can meet your specific needs. Tina Nails London is based at 384 Bowes Rd, Arnos Grove, London N11 1AH. For more information or to book an appointment please call 074 6249 7474.

About Tina

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